To Life


"As we witness a rising tide of globally anti-Semitism, the time has come to know what Israel is doing to help those in need around the world. TO LIFE will forever change how you see the nation of Israel—not as a thorn in the side of the Middle East but as a lifeline to those who are suffering around the world. This documentary should be shown everywhere—from the United Nations to the church on every corner in America."
Janet Parshall, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host
"To Life is a beautifully crafted, powerfully uplifting new film that will inspire its viewers at a soul-deep level. What a splendid and welcome piece of work! With so much corruption, cynicism, and conflict dominating the news, it&rsqou;s wonderfully refreshing to be reminded that goodness, decency, and love can still work miracles in our hurting world."
Michael Medved, Nationally Syndicated Talk Show Host


  • The Jerusalem Post’s Senior Features Editor, Noa Amouyal, speaks to CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell, about CBN’s next documentary film—To Life: How Israeli Volunteers Are Changing the World
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  • The Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference in Jerusalem was treated to a special preview of CBN Documentary’s latest film To Life: How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World, followed by a compelling look at CBN’s Israel-related productions.
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  • CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief, Chris Mitchell joined hundreds of diplomats from around the world at the Jerusalem Post Diplomatic Conference. Chris presented To Life: How Israeli Volunteers are Changing the World—highlighting Israel’s tradition of humanitarian outreach while reiterating CBN’’s ongoing dedication to sharing the truth about Israel.
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